Welcome to the Kalikalos Network of Holistic Centres

Located near crystal clear Aegean beaches on the Pilion mountain of mainland Greece, the Kalikalos Holistic Network offers from May through September in three nearby centres a summer program of holistic workshops, retreats, and alternative holidays along with a community-building experience patterned after the Findhorn community in northern Scotland. At these centres we demonstrate the power of authentic community as a vehicle for a new culture of cooperation, partnership and sustainability. Our programs draw people from all around the world to live, work, share and play together.


Our flagship location in the village of Kissos celebrates its 8th season of holistic education with workshops in creative arts, communication, healing and sustainablity.

Movement in longroom


Our relaxed Anilio centre is nestled in the chestnut forest with a spacious garden for outdoor living and a great  space among the trees for dance and movement.

View of sea from Alexandros


The beautiful Hotel Alexandros retreat centre, calm and serene, nestles in olive groves overlooking an expansive sea view above Plaka beach.

What’s unique about Kalikalos?

More than just retreat and workshop centres, the Kalikalos summer school Centres are each authentic communities where all community guests, workshop participants and volunteer staff live and learn together. We collaborate in the rhythms of a healthy, holistic, vegetarian lifestyle to support the transformational learning that goes on in the workshops. This is holistic education in practice.

What's the story?

In 2001, a group of holistic activists were inspired by the success of Findhorn, a spearhead intentional ecovillage community in N. Scotland, and transplanted some seeds of Findhorn to Greece. The keystone member has always been Dr. Jock Millenson, Kalikalos head-coordinator and co-founder of the American non-profit company Holly Foundation that hosts the Kalikalos network. The project has undergone several transformations over the years as members and venues settled into place. By 2009, two campuses had emerged—Kissos and Anilio—sharing resources and a common vision. In 2013, we opened a third campus at Hotel Alexandros above Plaka beach, and the three centres are now united as interdependent sister campuses under the "Kalikalos Holistic Network" umbrella.